Rachel Adams labelled a hero after standing up to gunman

Night Talk 06/09/2018
Credit: Julians Berry Farm and Cafe / TripAdvisor.

In February last year, Rachel Adams and her friend stopped in to the cafe at Julians Berry Farm and Cafe in Coastlands, Whakatane to buy an ice-cream.

As she was leaving, a man armed with a shotgun entered the premises, stared Rachel down and aimed his shotgun at her chest.

Instead of freaking out she stood there staunchly, then tried to protect other patrons and the young staff in the cafe. The gunman then fired a round next to her feet, and schrapnel buried itself into her leg. Medical staff later told her there was 19 pellets embedded in her leg.

On Tuesday, the gunman (Redmond Eruera Huirua) was sentenced to five years in prison on a raft of charges. Now Rachel Adams is being hailed as a hero for standing up to the gunman and putting other people's lives ahead of her own.

Mitch Harris was talking on the incident tonight, then Rachel called up the show to discuss the incident and the fallout.

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