Mitch Harris: 'You can't just break into someone's house and take things'

Night Talk 25/09/2018
Credit: Getty.

Night talk: Mitch Harris opening comments, Tuesday 25th September 2018.

Tonight: What was University of Otago proctor Dave Scott thinking?

University of Otago proctor Dave Scott has apologised for confiscating a bong from a student flat, but denies entering any others to take theirs. 

At least three Dunedin flats have come forward alleging Dave Scott entered their homes without permission and confiscated bongs.

However Mr Scott says "as far as [he] can recall", those allegations are untrue.

In a press conference on Tuesday, Mr Scott outright apologised for his actions entering one flat and removing the tenants bongs. 

The only tenant home at the time in the Leith St North flat was upstairs asleep. Mr Scott was distributing pamphlets around the neighbourhood warning of the dangers of initiation ceremonies.

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