Mitch Harris: 'A law against fat shaming is unenforceable and stupid'

Night Talk 11/10/2018
Image: Getty.

Night talk: Mitch Harris opening comments, Thursday 11th October 2018.

Tonight: Why should there be a law to stop people from commenting on fat people? How would this law be enforced? Is this a ridiculous idea?

Kiwi researchers are calling for an end to "fat-shaming", pushing for discrimination against fat people to be illegal. 

Thursday marks World Obesity Day, and Otago, Victoria and Massey University health and education researchers have joined forces saying the Government should pass legislation to make it illegal to discriminate against fat people. 

"Fat discrimination is pervasive across media, employment, health and school environments. We must each play our part to call out discrimination and bias," Otago University Senior Lecturer Lesley Gray says. 

"A lot of people who live day-to-day as fat people actually live healthy lives," Ms Gray says. 

The researchers believe teachers need to ensure that stigma against fat people is not reinforced by course materials and lessons.

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