Mitch Harris: 'Colin Craig is a man that just wants to be in the spotlight'

Night Talk 25/10/2018
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Night Talk: Mitch Harris opening comments, Thursday 25th October 2018.

Tonight: What are your impressions of Colin Craig?

Should questions be asked about why Craig was allowed to question Rachel MacGregor for days in court, considering what he ended up being charged with? 

Former Conservative Party leader Colin Craig committed "moderately serious sexual harassment" against his press secretary Rachel MacGregor, according to a High Court judge.

The revelation came in the 250-page ruling on the defamation battle between Mr Craig and blogger Cameron Slater, released on Thursday morning.

Mr Craig claimed Mr Slater defamed him on his blog, Whale Oil. Mr Craig said Mr Slater's allegations, most of which relate to sexual misbehaviour and money issues, damaged his reputation.

After Mr Craig distributed a pamphlet  - Dirty Politics and Hidden Agendas - to more than 1.6 million homes around the country defending himself, Mr Slater counter-sued, saying the claims in the pamphlet defamed him, asking for more than $8 million - $5000 for each household that received the pamphlet.

Justice Toogood ruled two of Mr Slater's claims defamed Mr Craig, but awarded no damages. The claims where that Mr Craig placed Ms Rachel MacGregor under financial pressure to sleep with him and sexually harassed at least one victim other than Ms MacGregor - both of which he found were not true.

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