Mitch Harris: 'Did an MP from the National Party section Jami-Lee Ross?'

Night Talk 23/10/2018
Credit: Newshub.

Night Talk: Mitch Harris opening comments, Tuesday 23rd October 2018.

Tonight: Do MP's have the power to get anyone who needs mental help sectioned? How come Jami-Lee Ross is already out of Middlemore Hospital - does this make you question how Ross was sectioned, and by whom?

Jami-Lee Ross has been discharged from Middlemore Hospital after he was sectioned over his mental health.

Mr Ross, who was involuntarily taken into care at the mental health unit on Sunday, left to stay with a friend on Tuesday and is no longer in Auckland.

Media was told Mr Ross isn't the subject of a compulsory treatment order any more.

Newshub was told Mr Ross is staying with a support person and is doing okay.

Mr Ross says he had a mental breakdown after being accused of sexual harassment by National Party leader Simon Bridges.

He also accused Mr Bridges of pushing him out when he began to speak up about alleged corruption within the party.

A National Party spokesperson told Newshub they had been taking Mr Ross's mental health concerns "very seriously".

That remark comes after former party president Michelle Boag described Mr Ross as "irrational", Mark Mitchell called him "disloyal" and Judith Collins said he was "delusional".

The war of harsh words has mental health experts calling out the party's politicians.

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