Mitch Harris: 'How can so many women be attracted to Jami-Lee Ross?'

Night Talk 18/10/2018
Credit: Getty.

Night Talk: Mitch Harris opening comments, Thursday 18th October 2018. Tonight: Power does funny things to people, especially politicians. But why?

Newsroom reporter Melanie Reid says she knows of "at least another five" women with stories to tell about Jami-Lee Ross.

Newsroom on Thursday morning quoted four women accusing the outgoing National MP of being a narcissist who used "brutal sex" to "dig dirt" on others. Two allegedly had affairs with Mr Ross, and the other two detailed their "toxic working environment".

Ms Reid, who wrote the article after investigating Mr Ross' behaviour for a year, told The AM Show they're not the only women with complaints against the 32-year-old Botany MP.

"There are more women who have had affairs with him," she told host Duncan Garner. "There's at least another five I know of… We're talking about a number of affairs over a long period of time."

The allegations are unproven, but Mr Ross himself hinted at the scale of the allegations on Tuesday when he claimed leader Simon Bridges told him 15 women could be found.

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