Mitch Harris: 'If you're stuck, just call the Fire Service'

Night Talk 01/11/2018
Credit: File.

Night Talk: Mitch Harris opening comments, Thursday 1st November 2018.

Tonight: Have you ever been stuck somewhere, or got a body part stuck, and then started to panic?

A Dunedin woman thought she would have to get her arm amputated today after she got her hand stuck in her new letterbox.

After screaming out for help for around 15 minutes, a young couple came to her aid, but could not free her from the letterbox. One of the couple then called the Fire Service, who arrived promptly.

A fireman asked the lady stand on a step-ladder. The he poured dishwashing liquid down her arm which loosened her hand, and she eventually slipped out of her letterbox. 

The lady has asked not to be named due to the embarrassment of the incident.

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