Mitch Harris: 'My '99 Lexus has just hit 460,000 kilometres'

Night Talk 29/10/2018
Credit: File.

Night Talk: Mitch Harris opening comments, Monday 29th October 2018.

Tonight: Mitch is looking forward to his Lexus hitting 500,000 kilometres driven. It just hit 460,000km this past weekend. He is asking tonight 'what make or model of car just keeps going for the longest period of time'?

Also tonight: Has Ian Lees Galloway let the coalition government down by giving convicted drug importer Karel Sroubek residency in New Zealand?

Immigration Minister Iain Lees-Galloway has released a letter he sent to convicted drug importer Karel Sroubek in September, outlining the conditions of his residency.

If he fails to meet them, he will again be eligible for deportation.

The conditions include not getting convicted of any offence in the next five years, not using any fraudulent IDs and not providing any Government agency with false or misleading information.

He also has to supply a valid travel document showing his true identity within five months of September 19, when the letter was sent. Sroubek arrived in New Zealand in 2003 on a fake passport, but avoided conviction when prosecuted years later.

He is currently behind bars after being convicted of importing MDMA. Sroubek says he was framed by the same people he was allegedly fleeing in the Czech Republic, where he is from.

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