Mitch Harris: 'The government's surplus - save it, or tax cuts?'

Night Talk 09/10/2018
Credit: The AM Show.

Night talk: Mitch Harris opening comments, Tuesday 9th October 2018.

Tonight: Would you be keen on a tax cut with the government announcing a
$5.5 billion surplus today?

The Government is awash with cash, recording a surplus of $5.5 billion - $2.4 billion more than forecast. 

The 2017/18 financial books have been opened and a major tax haul of $80.2 billion has left the Government flush. 

But Finance Minister Grant Robertson is warning about risks like international trade wars and mycoplasma bovis or other biosecurity incursions which could eat into the surplus. 

The tax take is up $4.6 billion on last year and Mr Robertson isn't ruling out tax cuts.

"I don't think we're awash with cash, the situation is the Government's books are in good order... I'm not taking anything on or off the table today. I'm asking the Tax Working Group to look into tax."

To nurses and teachers who have been embroiled in tough pay negotiations with the Government, Mr Robertson maintains the Government has put fair offers on the table.

"We have made an offer to teachers that is an appropriate offer," he said.

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