Mitch Harris: 'The real worry is the influence of China on our politics'

Night Talk 17/10/2018
Credit: Newshub.

Night Talk: Mitch Harris opening comments, Wednesday 17th October 2018.

Tonight: What do you think was the most damning thing said on Jami-Lee's recording? The mention of the $100,000 donation that wasn't declared, Simon Bridges calling his own MP Maureen Pugh 'fu**ing useless', or Bridges talking about the Chinese influence on the New Zealand political system?

Audio from a June 4th conversation between Simon Bridges and Jami-lee Ross reveals Mr Bridges mocking several National MPs and calling one "f**king useless".

Mr Ross released the audio, which he recorded without Mr Bridges' knowledge, on Wednesday after making a formal police complaint about allegations of electoral donation fraud.

In the audio, Mr Ross tells Mr Bridges the $100,000 donation from "two Chinese guys" is now in and asks what he wants done with it.

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