Paul Buchanan on Chinese influence on NZ, US mid-terms next week

Night Talk 31/10/2018
Credit: File.

Mitch Harris is joined by Paul Buchanan, Director at 36th Parallel Assessments, to talk about the Chinese influence on NZ, America's mid-term elections next week and anti-semitism in the USA.

Paul Buchanan is a former intelligence and defense policy analyst and consultant at the White House, serving under former US President Bill Clinton.

(Mr Buchanan will join us again next Wednesday night to discuss the results of the US mid-term elections)

On the agenda tonight:
- Following on from the secret recording that Jami-Lee Ross released, questions are being asked about the Chinese influence on NZ Politics. 
- How many people in China look at New Zealand as a soft touch? 
- Why are New Zealand politicians not willing to talk about the Chinese influence publicly?
- China is starting to show signs of hurt after the tariff increases that US President Donald Trump implemented - especially in the automobile industry.
- Will New Zealand be forced to choose a side (America or China) in the near future?
- Could the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi further damage the US-China relationship? What does China make of the relationship between the United States and Saudi Arabia?
- The US mid-term elections are on next week. Are the Democrats looking likely to win the house? Is the US President in trouble? Could Trump be impeached?
- Is the internet and online communication to blame for recent violent acts in America? (This is regarding last week's pipe bomb attacks and the anti-semitic Pittsburgh gunman who killed 11 people this past weekend).

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