Witness confirms NRL official yelled 'dance monkey dance' at Tongan fans

Night Talk 23/10/2018
Credit: YouTube.

Night Talk: Mitch Harris talks with Will 'Llolahia, a prominent Tongan ambassador and member of Tongan Rugby League, who confirms what DJ Alf 'Al Goodie' Aholelei has said publicly - that an NRL official yelled out 'Dance Monkey Dance' at Tongan fans during the half-time 'Dance Cam' at Mount Smart Stadium on Saturday night.

The NRL is investigating an alleged racist comment made by a staffer at the test between Tonga and Australia on Sunday night.

An NRL official "kept referring" to the need for security so the Australian supporters - who were outnumbered by the Tongan fans - could be escorted out of the stadium if the Kangaroos won, DJ Alf 'Al'Goodie' Aholelei, who was playing music at the event, said.

He said it "raised red flags" but got worse at half-time when the dance camera came on, encouraging spectators to get involved.

"In that moment there was a guy standing behind me and he made the reference 'dance, monkey, dance'," he told Newshub.

Aholelei called the incident "shocking" and "completely uncalled for", adding: "I've never experienced anything like that in my life."

The DJ said the man tried to apologise at the time.

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