Mitch Harris: 'Are charity boxing events destroying the sport?'

Night Talk 08/11/2018
Credit: Fight For Christchurch website

Night Talk: Mitch Harris opening comments, Thursday 8th November 2018.

Tonight: Do you think charity boxing events should be banned in NZ?

The grieving family of boxer Kain Parsons has spoken to Newshub, paying tribute to the family man.

This comes as Boxing New Zealand has decided to cut all ties with corporate charity boxing matches.

Also tonight: Would you want to change the date on your birth certificate to give the impression that you're younger than you actually are?

Dutch man Emile Ratelband, who is 69 years of age, says he 'identifies as 20 years younger'. The entrepreneur and self-help guru is suing his local authority after they refused to amend his age on official documents.

Ratelband argues that if transgender people are allowed to change sex, he should be allowed to change his date of birth because doctors said he has the body of a 45-year-old.

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