Mitch Harris: 'Is the hairless man sexy these days?'

Night Talk 13/11/2018
Credit: File.

Night Talk: Mitch Harris opening comments, Tuesday 13th November 2018.

Tonight: Are men removing too much body hair these days?

New research released by UK company Mintel has found nearly half of all UK men shave, pluck or remove body hair. 

46 percent of all men now prefer a hairless body according to the study — up from 36 percent two years ago.

Just over 40 percent of under-24 year olds shave their armpits — triple the number in 2016 — and 16 per cent get rid of chest hair.

Twelve percent want a clear back, and 42 percent eliminate stray strands in their eyebrows.

Do you like a man with hair on his back or chest?

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