Paul Buchanan on Chinese infiltration of NZ, Russia vs Ukraine, G20 summit

Night Talk 29/11/2018
Credit: Reuters.

Mitch Harris catches up with Paul Buchanan, Director at 36th Parallel Assessments, to talk on the latest in world news and politics.

Paul Buchanan is a former intelligence and defense policy analyst and consultant at the White House, serving under former US President Bill Clinton.

On the table tonight:
- Mitch and Paul start off by talking about Anne-Marie Brady and China. Are her suspicions on the Chinese infiltration in New Zealand accurate?
- Was she targeted by Chinese students here on Visa's as a form of intimidation?
- Is the New Zealand media 'hateful and hostile' towards China?
- Are New Zealanders naive in thinking other nations look at our country as a 'soft touch'?
- The GCSB may have banned Spark from using Huawei in its 5G mobile network upgrade, but why wasn't the 4G upgrade banned here like it was in Australia?
- The situation between Ukraine and Russia is escalalting very quickly. Are the two countries on their way to war?
- The Ukraine has asked US President Donald Trump to help them get Russia out of their country. Is Vladimir Putin's staunch stance against Ukraine putting extra pressure on Trump? 
- Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) is reportedly going to the G20 summit this weekend. But will he show up? If he does, how will other leaders act around him?
- Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian interference at the 2016 US Election is still ongoing. When will we hear any details of this investigation?
- Paul Manafort is still sitting in prison. Has he touched base with Mueller regarding his sentence?

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