Tuesday night business: Aussie banks making billions off Kiwis

Night Talk 06/11/2018
Credit: File.

Every Tuesday night after the 10pm news, Mitch Harris is joined by Elevation Capital CEO and founder Chris Swasbrook to talk on the latest business news, both here in New Zealand and internationally.

On the table tonight:
- Why did Australian mining company BHP deliberately derail a runaway train in the outback carrying over 200 wagons on Monday morning?
- The NZ Government has recently talked on an inquiry into the price of petrol and have hinted at a possible inquiry into supermarkets, so why is the government not looking at a banking inquiry in NZ similar to the Australian Royal inquiry?
- Why is building a house 30 percent more expensive in New Zealand than building one in Australia?
- Are bank managers less friendly these days? Why? Is it because banks are tightening up on lending? Are they trying to dictate to first home buyers?

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