Why are work managers in New Zealand so full of fear?

Night Talk 26/11/2018
Credit: File.

Why is there so much workplace bullying that takes place in New Zealand?

Mitch Harris is joined in studio by Alan Hulse, Director of Culture Safe, to talk about different aspects of workplace bullying in New Zealand.

Mitch invited Mr Hulse into the studio after hearing the story of Mariya Taylor. She was sexually harrassed, bullied and locked in a cage while working with the New Zealand Defence Force.

After leaving it too late to lodge a case when the statute of limitations ran out, the Defence Force made headlines after wanting $200,000 from her to pay for court costs. 

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern told media last Friday that regardless of whether or not costs are awarded, the payment won't be sought.

"This case is devastating. It makes for devastating reading. It wouldn't be right to pursue those costs, so they won't be," Ms Ardern said.

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