Leah Panapa: 'We should have to get a licence to own a dog'

Night Talk 18/12/2018
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Night Talk: Leah Panapa opening comments, Tuesday 18th December 2018.

Tonight: What do we need to start doing to monitor dog attacks? Why do some people turn a blind eye to their dogs being vicious?

A 96-year-old man has been left heartbroken after his dog was put down following an attack by a pack of out-of-control pig dogs in Kaikohe on Sunday.

Jim Morgan was returning from his twice daily walk with his dog Sandy when the incident occurred.

According to Mr Morgan's close friend Cynthia Moran, a neighbour heard "a horrible noise, like dogs hunting".

Ms Moran says that the neighbour is disabled, but upon hearing the commotion "got on her mobility scooter, and headed straight out, which was either very brave or very stupid".

"She saw Jim on the ground, surrounded by six pig dogs," she said.

"Sandy's left hind leg was dropping and there was this huge gash on him. So she called us right away and let us know."

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