Mitch Harris: 'Peter Jackson films are visually amazing but dull to me'

Night Talk 06/12/2018
Credit: Newshub.

Night Talk: Mitch Harris opening comments, Thursday 6th December 2018.

Tonight: Two kiwi favourites - Peter Jackson films and Tip Top ice cream.

Do you agree with Mitch that Peter Jackson films are visually stunning but the storylines are dull? He's bought this up after critics have released less-than-favourable reviews for Jackson's new film Mortal Engines. 

Also tonight: What do you make of the potential sale of Tip Top ice cream? What is your favourite ice cream that Tip Top makes?

A petition has been launched to keep iconic ice cream maker Tip Top in farmer hands, as Fonterra considers selling it.

The co-operative needs to slash debt by $800 million, and selling some or all of the ice cream company will help the bottom line - and that could mean an overseas buyer.

"We need to keep our options open at the moment, but our preference is to keep it in New Zealand," said Fonterra chief executive Miles Hurrell.

If sold overseas, it wouldn't be the first time - with Tip Top having had both US and Australian owners.

However one Fonterra farmer doesn't want that happening again, and has started a petition to help farmers save Tip Top from the chopping block.

"Tip Top is a brand that a lot of Kiwis know and trust, and farmers want it owned by New Zealand farmers and just keep that strong link from farm to freezer," said farmer Mathew Herbert.

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