Mitch Harris: 'The towie who towed the Blind Foundation car is a moron'

Night Talk 04/12/2018
Credit: Blind Foundation.

Night Talk: Mitch Harris opening comments, Tuesday 4th December 2018.

Tonight: Are tow truck drivers out of control in New Zealand? Do you have a story on towies that you would like to share with the group?

An Auckland tow truck driver placed two guide dogs under "dangerous and frightening" conditions by attempting to tow a car they were inside, the Blind Foundation claims.

A charity worker had parked the vehicle outside an old unused New World in Papakura on Monday afternoon, and left the boot open to ensure that the guide dogs had enough fresh air.

The Blind Foundation says the member of staff was "genuinely unaware of the parking policy" due to the "lack of visible parking signage".

When she returned, she saw a tow truck moments away from removing the car with the dogs now locked inside without fresh air.

The Blind Foundation says that the "purpose-built car had been left with the boot up to provide air for the dogs, which is standard practice for the Guide Dogs team, and the towing contractor had closed the boot to place the vehicle on his truck".

The Blind Foundation says that this was "dangerous and frightening" behaviour, as dogs are unable to regulate their temperature like humans can. 

They rely on panting to cool down and the Blind Foundation says that this makes "proper ventilation extremely important".

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