Tuesday night business: Mediaworks NZ and Australia's QMS merger

Night Talk 11/12/2018
Credit: Mediaworks.

For the final time, Elevation Capital CEO Chris Swasbrook joins Mitch Harris in studio to talk on the latest business news, both here in NZ and internationally.

On the table tonight:
- Mediaworks NZ have announced a merger with Australian-based outdoor advertising company QMS. Why is the billboard medium currently so popular?
- How is the radio business currently performing in New Zealand?
- Stockmarkets worldwide are very volatile at the moment, mainly due to US President Donald Trump's trade talks.
- Is Sydney heading towards a major housing crisis? How is Australia's economy looking at the moment?
- Why do some countries rely so much on China to get their economy going?
- A text question from Cliff to Chris Swasbrook - what do you think of Synlait milk?
- Simon calls in to ask Chris a question regarding currencies, and why they increase and decrease so rapidly.
- The debt-laden Kapiti Coast District Council has announced an interesting way at looking to reduce their $149million debt - by borrowing and investing money to try and turn their fortunes around. A brave move, but will it work?
- Tuesday night business finishes with a 'who am I' competition. Could you guess who Mitch was talking about?

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