Trudi Nelson: This pie nonsense has gotten out of control

Opinion 04/08/2018
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By Trudi Nelson, Weekend Life host

OPINION: Australia's Pie-Minister... ahem... Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull has found himself in a spot of bother recently over the way he chose to eat a hot pie.

That is, with a knife and fork.

The meaty, pastry treat – while loved universally but pretty much our national dish down under- tends to be gobbled straight from the paper bag or pie warmer with two eager hands and a generous squirt of T-sauce.

Malcolm couldn't even redeem himself after being spotted eating his small pie with cutlery. There was no sauce to be seen on the table either.

Things aren't looking good across the Tasman.

The photo from the Tasmanian cafe went viral, sending social media into a spin. Turnbull fans were aghast – ‘let him eat his pie how he wants,’ they cried. ‘Judge him on his policies not how he eats his pie,’ they screeched.

‘What has happened to Australia?’ yelled the other side.

Pie aficionados in New Zealand jumped on board. How dare he? It was probably a vege pie too. Maybe a kangaroo or possum pie. Malcolm really got himself into a muddle. Let alone the Super Saturday mini election results he had to cope with the same week.

Things aren't looking good across the Tasman.

Add to this, the outrage this week that a roast pork and creamy mushroom pie, baked by a Cambodian baker who lives in Tauranga, took out the Supreme Award winner at the 2018 Bakel's New Zealand Pie Awards.

Eat with your hands people, spill sauce down your top and let out a happy burp afterwards.

Kiwis choked on their lamingtons collectively yelling - what about the trusty mince and cheese?

I was privileged enough to be a pie-senter at the awards alongside MC of the night Pie Henwood... ahem... Dai Henwood and we can vouch that the competition was fierce, the audience friendly, the night long and each and every baker stood to accept their awards and humbly thanked their respective wife or husband for the hard work and 2am bakery starts.

Trudi Nelson and Dai Henwood at the Pie Awards.
Mince pie gold winners Lee Ing and his wife from Taupo.

The big winner on the night at the Pie Awards, Patrick Lam, has now won six supreme titles along with close to 70 other awards including gold, silver and bronze.  A long way from the barbed wire fences of Thu Doc refugee camp in South Vietnam which he and his family escaped from when he was five. They spent nine years in refugee camps before moving to New Zealand 17 years ago.

One thing this pie-drama has shown however, is that our love of pastry makes us passionate foodies. Maybe we could invent a pavlova pie and then fight for decades with the Aussies about who invented it. The main thing is, we get Malcolm Turnbull here next year for a few lessons in pie etiquette and maybe even offer him a spot as guest judge in the 2019 Pie Awards.

But it’s not just about the pie...

Our very own Newshub reporter Mitch McCann was spotted by fellow presenter Melissa Davies eating a burger with a knife and fork.

What's happening? Are we all being too polite?

Eat with your hands people, spill sauce down your top and let out a happy burp afterwards. It's the kiwi way, mate!

Trudi Nelson is the host of Weekend Life, every Sunday from 10am-2pm.