Prime Minister removes Clare Curran from Cabinet

News 24/08/2018
Photo: Newshub.

The Prime Minister has removed Minister Clare Curran from Cabinet after she failed to officially record a meeting she had.

“This is a significant demotion, but I think it is proportionate to the incident here,” Jacinda Ardern told the press on Friday.

She offered her resignation as Minister for Open Government and Government Digital Services, which Ms Ardern accepted and then took the step of removing her from Cabinet.

This is a significant demotion.

Ms Curran failed to record a meeting she held at her Beehive office in February with Derek Handley over the vacant role of Chief Technology Officer.

It was not recorded in her diary, nor were her staff or any officials made aware of it.

"She simply cannot recall the reason it was not included in her diary," Ms Ardern said.

"That's not good enough, that's why she's been removed from Cabinet."

Ms Curran will remain the Minister of Broadcasting, Communications and Digital Media outside of Cabinet.