From tea to sweets: 10 most popular recipes from this year

Recipes 07/09/2018

Between celebrity chef Helen Jackson and health-conscious Wendyl Nissen, it should come as no surprise that we love our food here at RadioLIVE.  

Here’s a round-up of our most popular recipes of 2018 from The Long Lunch, Weekend Life on Saturday, and Home & Garden.

Chocolate mug cake

Jo Seagar's cup of ole Black Magic is a great chocolate treat when you're on your own and need cheering up fast.  It is like a sticky chocolate pudding with sauce in the bottom. 

Pizza bread

Photo: Getty.

RadioLIVE’s Wendyl Nissen makes this pizza bread for most of her barbecues – and it’s always a hit with her children. It’s also great as a pizza base if you’re in the mood for delicious home-made pizza.

Moist vegan brownies

These flourless treats will be a hit regardless of who’s eating them. Adapted from the Minimalist Baker, these vegan brownies are always quick to sell at Philippa Stephenson’s Tart Bakery.


Courtesy of Anna Polyviou, this Greek dessert is one for the books. It’s got everything you’d ever want in a treat – creaminess with a little crunch. 

The perfect gravy

Make-ahead gravy courtesy of Helen Jackson can be frozen and thawed, and reheated as required. 

Vegetarian 'meatballs'

These savoury, flavourful “meatballs" were developed by meatball guru Ben Bayly from Italian eatery Baduzzi.

Feijoa cake

If chef Jess Daniell had to choose a favourite cake, this would be it. She’d almost go as far as planning her wedding day around feijoa season so she could have this as her wedding cake!

Kia ora lime bar

Courtesy of Danielle Butler from The Pie Piper, these slices can be topped with icing sugar, strawberry jam, or even a dollop of cream.

Pavlova roulade

If pavlova is pudding, then pavlova roulade is definitely a dessert – according to Lynda Hallinan. 

Chocolate mousse and cocoa nib meringue roulade

Decorate this sweet treat with cocoa powder, icing sugar or grated chocolate. Yum!