Jami-Lee Ross to lay complaint against Simon Bridges to police

Breaking 16/10/2018

National MP Jami-Lee Ross has called National leader Simon Bridges a “corrupt” politician, and intends to lay a complaint over the handling of National Party donations. 

In a statement on Tuesday, the National MP called Mr Bridges a corrupt, “flawed individual” who is incapable of being Prime Minister.

"Simon is a flawed individual without a moral compass," he told the media.

Mr Ross alleged that the National leader filed a false electoral return. "Filing a false return is a corrupt place. Falsifying the name of a donor to hide the identity is a corrupt practice," he said.

But Mr Bridges called the allegations “baseless” in a statement on Tuesday, and invited Mr Ross to lay a formal complaint to the police. 

“The police need to investigate this promptly and thoroughly because I’ll tell you what, it has zero chance of success, because it’s wrong,” Mr Bridges said repeatedly.

Mr Ross says he will be playing the police a recording of Mr Bridges asking him to take part in unlawful activity. He claims that Mr Bridges asked him to split a $100,000 donation into smaller amounts to hide it.

Four women allegedly accused Mr Ross of sexual harassment. Mr Ross refutes the allegations. He said the allegations were presented to him by Simon Bridges and Paula Bennett.

Mr Ross also announced he has resigned his National Party membership and seat in the House of Representatives.

He will stand as an independent at an upcoming Botany by-election.