Friday Night Cocktail: Le Rosé Pamplemousse

Long Lunch 20/07/2018

MermaidMary Cocktail: Le Rosé Pamplemousse 

This is probably the simplest cocktails MermaidMary has ever spoken about but she loves it so much she has to let the people know. It is everywhere in Lyon and MermaidMary is bringing the Rosé Pamplemousse back to NZ, it’s just too good!

Pamplemousse is the French word for grapefruit and this can be made with fresh ruby grapefruit juice (which Mary recommends) or with a grapefruit syrup. If you are making with the syrup, which is how it is made in a huge amount of places in France, then just don’t add the grenadine as it will be sweet enough and maybe add in a dash of sparkling water to take the sweetness down again if you wish. The joy of this drink is its versatility! It can be made as a cocktail, a frozen cocktail or a punch. She also recommends using a light dry style of Rosé but it doesn’t have to be an expensive one. 

Le Rose Pamplemousse

150mls Rosé
20mls Fresh Ruby Grapefruit Juice
A dash or two of grenadine
20mls of Cointreau

Build over ice in a large wine glass, give a decent stir and garnish with raspberries and mint.

To make as a frozen cocktail just add all the ingredients into a blender with plenty of ice & serve as above

For a punch the quantities change to:

750mls Rosé
100 mls grapefruit
A few dashes of grenadine
100 mls Cointreau

Add all into a punch bowl & give a good stir before adding your berries & mint.

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