Mate With a Plate: Nic Watt's Kingfish Sashimi

Long Lunch 02/07/2018
Photo: Nic Watt

Kingfish Sashimi/ Sakura soy/ Fermented plum by Nic Watt from Masu:

Serves 2 people sharing
150gr kingfish sashimi
2tblsp sakura soy sauce
2tblsp rice vinegar
1tblsp mirin
1tblsp olive oil
2each umeboshi – Japanese fermented plum
1/4each ruby grapefruit in segments

Slice the kingfish in to even bite size slices.

Mix the soy, vinegar, mirin and olive oil.

Plate the kingfish, garnish with the fermented plum, grapefruit segments and coriander.

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