Mate With a Plate: St Louis Smoked Ribs

Long Lunch 06/08/2018
Photo: Tristran Anderson

St Louis Smoked Pork Ribs by Tristan Anderson

We love to use Oak or Apple wood as our smoke preference for Pork

Yield: rub mix = 10 racks

2 Racks St Louis cut Pork Ribs (Local butcher)

Rub Mix:
1/2cup Paprika powder
1/4cup Kosher salt ground
1/4cup Sugar
2TBs Mustard powder
2TBs Ground Chilli Powder
!/4cup Ground Cumin
2TBs Ground Black Pepper
!/4cup Garlic Granules fine
2TBs Ground fennel seed
1cup Your favorite BBQ sauce

- Remove membrane from back of ribs
- Apply rub to ribs on both sides (each rub batch will be enough for 10 racks)
- Start Smoker
- Leave ribs to rest for 1 hour
- Get Smoker to stable temperature (225 to 250 Fahrenheit) roughly 121 Celsius
- Put ribs on, meat side up
- Smoke for 3 hours
- Sprits with apple cider vinegar every 30 minutes
- Remove ribs from smoker
- Lay ribs onto heavy-duty tin foil or peach paper
 -Wrap ribs in tin foil or paper, place back on the smoker         
- Cook for 1 more hour wrapped
-Unwrap & baste in your favourite BBQ sauce
-Place in smoker for 20-30 minutes to set sauce on ribs.

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