Friday Night Cocktail: Raspberry Caprioska

Long Lunch 10/08/2018
Photo: MermaidMary.

Friday Night Cocktail by MermaidMary:

So you know the way I’m always banging on about ‘fresh is best’ when it comes to cocktails. Well that’s all well & good but finding fresh berries in winter? Not easy (or cheap!) However I have found a solution in the Fresh As range.

100% natural New Zealand fruit, freeze dried. Comes in a foil pack with a 2 year shelf life & is available widely in supermarkets.

The freeze dry technology leaves fresh produce completely dry, messing with the texture and creating an intensely flavoured product. Perfect for adding to liquid such a cocktails.

Raspberry Caprioska:
60mls Vodka - you can use any but recommend something premium like Belvedere
1 lime, cut into wedges
2 tsp sugar, use a fine sugar like castor sugar
Handful of Fresh As raspberries

Muddle the lime, sugar & raspberries in a short glass then add the vodka & stir then top with crushed ice.

Summer flavour in the middle of winter. Yum!

MermaidMary is a wine writer & enthusiast who contributes every Friday on The Long Lunch. Never one to be described as an Oenophile her true passion is to spread the word of great wines, while making wine accessible & never using alienating wine speak that confuses people - like Oenophile! 

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