Weekend Treats: Ruakaka kingfish tartare

Long Lunch 12/10/2018
Photo: Cameron Knox.

Cameron Knox from Xoong is our Weekend Treats guest today and here is his recipe for Ruakaka kingfish tartare:
serves 4

6 -8 baby gem leaves
200g Ruakaka kingfish (or substitute with very fresh, sashimi grade fresh tuna, kingfish, trevally or salmon)
Extra virgin olive oil
20g schichimi togarashi**
3g table salt
3g castor sugar
1g citric acid powder*
10g chives
Micro shiso (or substitute coriander or micro cress)
20g wasabi tobiko
Light soy sauce
Lemon juice
2g smoked paprika
30g mayonaise
Lemon juice

Dice the fish into 5m cubes, coat with the EVOO.
Mix together the schichimi togarashi, salt, castor sugar and citric acid powder.
Chop chives into tiny rounds.
Mix together the paprika, mayo and lemon juice.
To assemble, season the fish with the schichimi togarashi mix and a touch of soy and lemon juice. Spoon into baby gem leaves, top with mayo, wasabi tobiko and garnish with micro shiso.
Serve immediately.

* If you don’t have citric acid, you could use a touch more lemon juice when assembling but it will ‘cook’ the fish

** Use sparingly, it’s spicy stuff!

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