Mate With a Plate: Josh Barlow, The Sugar Club

Long Lunch 26/11/2018
Photo: The Sugar Club.

Josh Barlow is out Mate With a Plate today, he is executive chef at the Sugar Club and shares his recipes for chips and dips with a difference:

Chickpea wafer with dry aged lamb and smoked olive oil, 
Homemade pringle with kiwi onion dip

Makes enough for 10-20 people. This can be kept in the fridge up to 3 days.

100g smoked fish roe
1 egg yolk
500ml vege oil
Lemon juice and zest

Place smoked fish roe and egg yolk in a blender with a pinch of salt.
Turn on a medium speed and slowly pour the oil in. If it starts getting too thick then add a splash of water and then finish adding the oil.
Add the lemon juice and zest to taste at the end.
Put into a bowl to dip into.

Chickpea wafer with dry aged lamb and smoked olive oil:
Makes 20-30 little snacks

Chickpea wafers:
100 gr chickpea flour
500 ml water
5g salt

Boil all together and whisk the whole time until you get a thick paste.
Spread onto a sheet of grease proof paper and then let the mix set for 10 minutes.
After this lift them off and deep fry them until they’re crispy.

Dry aged lamb:
Around 500gr (1-2 loins)
Go to a local butcher and ask if they have any aged lamb or beef out the back. They usually have some goodies hiding out the back.
Trim off the outer layer of meat then finely dice the inside section.
Season with salt and smoked olive oil.

Miso mayonnaise:
100gr mayonnaise
Miso to taste (I buy ours off the internet from Urban Hippie in Nelson)

Photo: The Sugar Club.

Home made pringle with kiwi onion dip:

Kiwi onion dip
Reduced cream
Onion purée
White vinegar
Sour cream

The true kiwi dip calls for tinned reduced cream and onion soup mix. In this recipe we make our own onion purée and reduce cream slowly in a pot until it’s thick.
Then we add all the ingredients to taste. This way it can be adjusted to your personal preference.

Homemade Pringles:
Boil 1kg peeled Agria potatoes until they are over cooked and start to break apart.
Strain the liquid off but keep it to one side.
Put them in a blender and slowly add the liquid back into it until it resembles a watery paste.
Spread this about 2mm thick into a tray and dry overnight in the oven at around 100*.
The next day this can be broken into pieces and then deep fried.

Put the dip into a piping bag and pipe dots onto the Pringle’s and cover with chopped chives.

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