Collaboration to reduce nitrate leaching on track

Rural Exchange 21/04/2018

A group of bright young female scientists are helping to find answers to one of the major environmental challenges facing farming - reducing nitrate leaching on farms.

The multi-partner research approach industry-wide is known as the “Forages for Reduced Nitrate Leaching” programme.

Lincoln University PhD student Rosean Woods who is involved in the research programme joined Rural Exchange from the Newshub Christchurch studio.

The programme is a collaborative effort between several different research companies and universities with the hope of using different plants to reduce the leaching.

“I guess the goal is to figure out how we could use different plants, that are grown agriculturally and horticulturally, to help to reduce nitrate leaching,” she told Rural Exchange. 

It's not just the plants, but also the kind of soil they're being planted in, and this is why research is being down all over the country Ms Woods said.

There's still a lot of work going on to figure out the exact management of these plants, but it isn't far away from being another tool in the toolbox of farmers around New Zealand.

Watch the full interview with Rosean Woods above.

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