A quick look at ewe condition during sheep scanning

Rural Exchange 24/06/2018

Sheep scannings are in full swing at the moment around rural New Zealand.

Urban readers may be surprised to learn that ultrasound technology is used on sheep as well when checking for pregnant ewes.

Sheep scanning has developed since its first use from simply measuring the number of fetuses, to indicating fetal age groups of 10-14 days.

The purpose of scanning is to enable farmers to set stock ewes at lambing time and know that a paddock is going to start and finish in a timely fashion.

Dan Wheeler is a sheep scanner based in Cantebury. He says the wet summer has ewes in tremendous condition, with percentages mostly upward across the board.

One particular farm had only eight empty ewes out of 1600.

However, another farm was 15 percent empty, with suspicions being that this was caused by poor pasture quality.

Watch the full interview with Dan Wheeler above.

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