All Blacks of past and present agree: Stretch before you farm

Rural Exchange 30/06/2018

All Black Sam Whitelock has just re-signed for another two years as Farmstrong ambassador.

The goal is to lend a helping hand to the rural community so farmers can stay healthy and handle their workloads.

At Fieldays 2018, Hamish McKay, Richard Loe and Sarah Perriam learned more about Farmstrong's ‘Turn On Your Core - 4 Week Challenge’ to keep your body long and strong throughout the day.

The challenge gets tougher each week and can be modified to suit all levels of fitness.

Mr Whitelock says getting a group together can be a great way to stick to the challenge.

"It's easy to hide away somewhere and do it, but it's cool [...] to get some other people involved. As soon as there's a group involved, it's harder to not do it than it is to do it."

Rural Exchange's own Richard Loe is on board, revealing he's a bit partial to the odd pilates class himself.

And yes, he does wear lycra.

Watch the full interview with Sam Whitelock above.

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