Clothing 'purpose built' for farming conditions

Rural Exchange 17/06/2018

Purpose-built for your world. The tagline for Stoney Creek could not be any truer.

Owner Brent McConnell recently had a customer bring in a 14-year-old jacket that was still doing what it was made for.

He told RadioLIVE's Rural Exchange at the National Fieldays that what puts Stoney Creek clothing above other high-end brands on the market is the quality assurance of its durability.

"We understand what the product's being used for.

We want to build it so it's a better experience for everyone using it.

“The Waikato’s a great place to look at how the weather changes but it does that right through New Zealand.

“We’re all about building purpose built products that maximise experience when you’re working,” Mr McConnell told RadioLIVE.

Mr McConnell owns and operates Stoney Creek alongside his wife, Juanita, and says the company is run by farmers for farmers.

“We control the whole line; from design, and right through the whole production process. We’re using some pretty slick technology,” he said. “So it’s definitely way better for us.”

Watch the full interview with Brent McConnell above.

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