Farmers shouldn’t be tarred for Northland farmer’s cruelty - Hamish McKay

Rural Exchange 30/06/2018

Rural Exchange host Hamish McKay is not happy with reactions to last week’s news of cows being beaten by a Northland farmer.

A covert operation captured the farmer violently beating cows in a milking shed. The hidden cameras caught the sharemilker hitting his dairy herd with a steel pipe in their legs and head.

McKay doesn’t want to name specific people, but believes some people in the public eye are unfairly making "silly, ignorant comments" about the incident. He suggested that some have gone so far as to joke that animal cruelty is more widespread than the Northland incident.

“I’m not going to name names here, because the people know who they are. But they make corny jokes – but actually there’s nothing laughable about this.

“What I’m inferring is that they are painting the picture that this is a much bigger issue than these one-off situations,” said McKay.

McKay argued that good farmers are getting “tarred by the brush” of the shoddy few.

Co-host Richard Loe agreed, pointing out that 99.9 percent of farmers look after their animals and treat them right.

“This one idiot has let himself down and he’s letting the industry down – and he’s letting the human race down,” said Loe. 

Watch the full commentary above. 

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