Kiwi startup Halter announce $8m Silicon Valley funding raise

Rural Exchange 17/06/2018

New Zealand tech startup Halter has announced an $8m capital raise this week.

The funding investment comes from venture capitalists in Silicon Valley who fund other major tech companies such as Facebook and Space-X.

In 2016, the Halter team set out to create the future of farming.

The Auckland based company is producing a product that allows farmers to remotely guide stock around the farm.

Essentially it’s a cow collar - and is set to revolutionise dairy farming, and could mean the end of physical fences on dairy farms.

Chief executive Craig Piggott joined Rural Exchange at Fieldays and said the goal is to change the face of milking, pasture management and things like keeping cows out of waterways.

Mr Piggott says Halter is committed to reducing the intensive hours farmers work, while enhancing animal welfare and protecting the environment.

Watch the full interview with Craig Piggott above.

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