Latest report from the Land and Water forum

Rural Exchange 01/07/2018

The Government has said it will act immediately on some recommendations of the Land and Water Forum. This includes prioritising action in the most “at-risk” catchments.

Advice was sought by Environment Minister David Parker and Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor on a number of issues on waterways and the primary sector.

“The Government will act on some of the Forum’s recommendations immediately, while the remaining recommendations will be considered in more detail as part of our work programme,” David Parker said.

“We welcome the recommendation to identify “at-risk” catchments, ensure plans are in place for those catchments and take action where necessary.”

Irrigation New Zealand is a member for the Land and Water Forum and its chief executive Andrew Curtis says restoring the public image of irrigators is a focus for the industry.

Irrigation NZ says it supports water quality recommendations put forward by the forum, but that nutrient allocation decisions need to occur at a catchment level.

The fastest way to make these gains in water quality is by implementing better on-farm practices.

Watch the full interview with Andrew Curtis above.

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