MitAgator software to revolutionise environmental management

Rural Exchange 16/06/2018

Sustainability and environmental management are words sitting at the tips of most farmers' tongues.

Ballance believe they have an answer to help farmers cut a simple path through this tricky landscape with a new software tool called MitAgator. MitAgator is a newly released revolutionary software tool, which has been created by Ballance as part of their Primary Growth Partnershi[ programme.

It is a software tool that uses GIS information based on a map of the farm to produce a highly accurate estimate of environmental losses both in terms of amounts and locations.

For now, the software is only an expert model, which requires an expert user to deliver it.

All farmers need is an accurate farm map, an overseer file and a little bit of time to answer a few questions with one of Ballance's expert team and they will do the rest.

Fertiliser is a regular feature on REX thanks to the experts at BALLANCE. If you have any questions or want to find out more, visit their website.

Watch the full interview with Dr Jamie Blennerhassett above.

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