Air NZ fake meat burger 'a bit bizarre' - Beef+Lamb NZ boss

Rural Exchange 07/07/2018

News broke this week that Air New Zealand will serve US-made fake meat burgers on flights from LA to Auckland.

This has caused a bit of stir on social media, with some even making calls to boycott the national carrier.

Beef+Lamb NZ Chief Executive Sam McIvor finds it "a little bit bizarre".

Mr McIvor says he would have thought Air New Zealand serving "something that is very much an industrial, manufactured product to premium customers" was "a bit weird".

Despite this, he believes B+LNZ have a unique opportunity to capitalise on the move towards alternative proteins.

Consumer concern over the feedlot beef, environmental impact and hormonal factors in industrial food production are what lead people to artificial substitutes.

"All those concerns that people have is driving them to a more natural product [...] and actually we're the best people in the world at producing that stuff."

Watch the full interview Sam McIvor above. 

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