Kiwi woman to race in 'The Hunger Games on horseback'

Rural Exchange 22/07/2018

The Mongol Derby is the world's longest horse race, spanning 1,000 kilometres across Mongolian grassland.

The derby is arguably the toughest horseback endurance event in the world and to compete, let alone win, is extremely prestigious.

25-year-old Charlotte Howard from Glentui, in Waimakariri District, will be competing in this year's race.

She told RadioLIVE's Rural Exchange that you have to be a little bit crazy to sign up.

Competitors are challenged by unfamiliar terrain and harsh weather conditions.

The horses are semi-wild, and may not always cooperate with the rider, which adds another level of difficulty to the race.

According to race organisers, riders spend thirteen to fourteen hours a day in the saddle, while the race takes ten days to finish. In any given year, only half the racers usually finish the race.

Watch the full interview with Charlotte Howard above.

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