Kiwi technology reduces drench use without compromising performance

Rural Exchange 29/07/2018

Recent research released by UK supermarket chain Sainsbury's has proven the effectiveness of one Kiwi company's parasite management technology.

Based out of Mosgiel, Techion's product can reduce drench by up to 50 pecent without compromising animal performance.

The rise in popularity of this kind of parasite management comes after consumer demands that less drench is used.

Techion CEO Greg Mirams told RadioLIVE's Rural Exchange the company is lucky to get a high endorsement from Sainsbury's.

"They really liked our technology because it's online. Drench resistance and sustainability of the supply chain was what they really wanted to do, and we won a contract with them."

Mr Mirams says the study showed that more targeted use of drenches not only improves animal performance by increasing lamb growth rates, but it also reduces farm costs and supports sustainable drenching practices.

“Using FECPAKG2 to enable appropriate drench timing can improve sheep performance and health, while saving money, which is of great benefit for farmers in every country," he said in a statement.

Watch the full interview with Greg Mirams above.

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