Lifestyle farmers urged to take biosecurity precautions

Rural Exchange 14/07/2018

With another New Zealand property affected with Mycoplasma bovis, Federated Farmers is looking at all ways to mitigate risk.

Lifestyle farmers may not be the first to come to mind for biosecurity risks, but they are certainly being urged to take precautions.

Federated Farmers dairy chair Chris Lewis told RadioLIVE that lifestyle farmers are just as responsible in preventing M bovis, even if they are purchasing a small number of calves.

Mr Lewis advises lifestyle farmers to only buy stock from authorised stock agents or directly from the farm, and to avoid cash transactions through TradeMe.

Lifestyle farmers should ask the following questions when buying stock:

  1. What have you fed them?
  2. Are these your own stock?
  3. Are they NAIT tagged?
  4. Can you transfer the NAIT tag registrations to your own number?

Mr Lewis warns that if you don’t receive this information when buying, it’s advised to hold off payment until NAIT registration has been transferred over.

“If you buy it through Carrfields or PGG Wrightson, they’ll handle that request properly and get it done professionally,” he told RadioLIVe.

Above all, if a lifestyle farmer wants to own cattle, Mr Lewis believes it is their utmost responsibility to comply with the law.

“If you own those cattle, you are legally responsible.”

Watch the full interview with Chris Lewis above.

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