TeenAg winners the future of Young Farmers

Rural Exchange 14/07/2018

Last weekend’s 50th FMG Young Farmer of the Year was a tribute to the rich history of the contest.

It also got many excited about the future and who is coming through the pipeline to be our next future leaders.

This year's winners of the high school competition known as Teen Ag were 15-year-old St Bede College boys, Angus Grant & Nick O’Connor.

Angus was introduced to the rural world the same as any city kid - by watching Country Calendar - and began by grazing sheep on sections in the city.

Nick grew up on a dairy farm near Westport and picked up a lot of his skills mucking in around the farm.

Going into the competition as a team, the young men were able to cover each other's weakness in unfamiliar modules.

Angus Grant, Logan Wallace, and Nick O'Connor.

"The sheep judging [slipped me up], but luckily we're doing it together so Angus could take care of that," Nick says.

Both winners are looking to their future after they finish at St Bede's, saying they'd like to study at Lincoln University and get involved in AgCommerce and soil science, respectively.

Watch the full interview with Nick O'Connor and Angus Grant above.

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