Top three tips for successful calving

Rural Exchange 21/07/2018

Many farmers across the country are gearing up for calving, which can be a busy time in our farming calendar.

Nicola Neal from The Aspiring Calf Company has three key tips for successful calving.

  1. Get the first 24 hours right by making sure every calf gets good quality colostrum.
  2. Put aside some time to get your system sorted before you begin. Seek advice from your friends, local vets, or someone with a specific interest in calf management.
  3. Happy, well-trained staff = healthy happy calves. Calving can be a stressful time, so it's important to look out for the mental/physical health of yourself and your workers.

Ms Neal also discusses the best selection process when choosing a heifer replacement, and how to stay safe from Mycoplasma bovis when receiving waste milk from dairy farms.

Watch the full interview with Nicola Neal above.

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