Warmer Kiwi Homes initiative will make a dry, healthy New Zealand - Green Party

Rural Exchange 14/07/2018

For many parts of New Zealand, it has been a cold start and damp winter, and many New Zealand farmhouses are not really up to scratch.

The Greens are wanting to deliver warm, dry, healthy homes while they are in government.

Green MP Gareth Hughes joins Rural Exchange to discuss the launch of Warmer Kiwi Homes this week as well as his Origin Labelling Act.

Mr Hughes says planning began under the National government, however, money ran out.

Now with the Labour government, the initiative is being put into action.

Mr Hughes also discussed the call for an independent commissioner for animals, why he thinks MPI isn't working, and how close the introduction of the country of origin labelling is.

Watch the full interview with Gareth Hughes above.

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