Zero Carbon Bill receives thousands of submissions

Rural Exchange 22/07/2018

The Zero Carbon Bill submissions process has ended this week with 15,000 submissions made on the Bill, which puts a hard date on New Zealand's Paris Agreement obligations.

Agri-Environment Consultant Jacqueline Rowarth told RadioLIVE’s Rural Exchange that it’s now a slow and careful process going through the thousands of submissions.

“It depends on what sort of submissions they are. From my experience at the Environmental Protection Authority, sometimes one gets a whole lot of form submissions that people have just signed up to but all the work has actually been done by a lobby group, for instance Greenpeace, so they say we’ve got a million submissions but most of them are actually from one source.

“There may be some of that, but I also know that in the agricultural sector there’s been some very careful analysis on farmer input sending in ideas for what might work in the future, Ms Rowarth told RadioLIVE.

Climate Change Minister James Shaw says meeting our climate targets will change New Zealand as much as the arrival of the internet did - and for the better.

"New Zealanders do want us to lead on climate change. They think our response so far has been inadequate. They think that New Zealand should act even if other countries don't," he told Newshub Nation on Saturday, citing a recent survey by IAG.

"They really want us to be ambitious and to do the best we can."

That survey showed while three-quarters of Kiwis think New Zealand should take action even if other countries don't, only one in 10 percent think the rest of the world will.

"There's a lot of scepticism the world will actually do what it needs to do," said Mr Shaw, "but… the more we do, the more it encourages other countries to do the same and to follow."

Watch the full interview with Jacqueline Rowarth above.

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