Alternative tree species prevent erosion on steep hill country

Rural Exchange 11/08/2018

The forestry industry has been advised to plant alternative tree species to help prevent erosion.

A report by the New Zealand Farm Forestry Association (NZFFA) details all of the tree species that are suited to steep, erosion-prone land.

Dean Satchell, former NZFFA president and author of the report, says the report has no connection to the recent flooding events in Tolaga Bay.

"Industry has been working on this issue for some time, and the report was actually produced in advance of that occurrence," he says.

The report raised recommendations for minimising the damage from wooden debris and sediment, as seen with Tolaga Bay’s inland flooding in June.

To fight back against sediment build up, Mr Satchell suggests a high replant stocking rate.

"Instead of planting 1,000 stems a hectare, you can plant 2,000 stems a hectare and get a better result."

Watch the full interview with Dean Satchell above.

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