Cornwall Park: A working farm in central Auckland

Rural Exchange 12/08/2018

Located in an area known for housing some of New Zealand’s most expensive real estate, Cornwall Park is more than just a place for offering picturesque walks and gardens, and stunning views across Auckland’s central vista, it’s also a fully functioning working farm.

For more than 150 years, Cornwall Park farm has occupied the land around One Tree Hill in Auckland’s Greenlane.

It’s here where urbanites get a rare opportunity to see what life on the farm is really like, without needing to venture out of the city.

Tourists also get a glimpse into New Zealand’s economic backbone; the primary sector.

With lots of people regularly walking the tracks here, the urban farm’s variety of animals, including; sheep and cattle, can run into trouble when mixed with walkers in their active wear or young children.

Recently, a man was brutally savaged by a herd of cows in south Auckland, tearing out chunks of flesh and leaving him with gaping wounds.

A witness to the attack says he saw a woman on the ground being attacked by several cows, when the man ran in to help her.

This time of the year is particularly special at Cornwall Park farm – it’s lambing and calving season.

Although an exciting time it is during the first few weeks of their lives that these animals are especially vulnerable, the farm says.

Watch the full interview with Cornwall Park farm manager Pete Maxwell.

Planning a visit to Cornwall Park farm? Here’s what you need to be aware of:

  • New lambs are particularly vulnerable to people and dogs, as well as sudden noises and human touch. Dogs sniffing around can result in the lamb going into shock and dying.
  • The mother sheep are also after an instant bond after the birth. If interrupted, she may just walk away, abandoning the lamb. Either the lamb will die or it will need to be hand-raised.
  • People are also vulnerable to cows that are new mothers – they have strong maternal instincts and will protect their young from perceived threats such as humans and dogs. 

Watch the full video above.

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