Meet Kelvin - the Thermokennel: An insulated dog kennel

Rural Exchange 02/09/2018

Kiwi inventor Rosie Todhunter has just launched a Kickstarter campaign on her new project - an insulated dog kennel called Kelvin.

The Themokennel captures and retains a dog's body heat to keep them warm on a cold winter's night.

Ms Todhunter says just like people, dogs can freeze to death or suffer from heat stroke.

She told RadioLIVE's Rural Exchange the idea was inspired by her grandfather, Tony.

Ms Todhunter says her grandfather knew that a warm, well-rested dog would eat less food, could work for longer, and would be better able to heal more quickly from injuries and ailments.

After his passing, Ms Todhunter decided to further progress the idea.

"Housing temperatures can impact dog performance and ultimately their effectiveness on the farm," the Kickstarter campaign states.

"Uncomfortable temperatures can release stress hormones and seriously impact the wellbeing and performance of your dog. The performance of a dog is especially important for working dogs who play a critical role on sheep and beef farms around New Zealand."

You can find the project on Kickstarter here to learn more or to help raise funds.

Watch the full interview with Rosie Todhunter above.

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